Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Keep Hope Alive

"Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick,but a sudden good break can turn life around." Proverbs 13:12, The Message Bible

Life can hit us with disappointment after disappointment. And with each blow we can grow weary, frustrated, angry, and desperate. These feelings of hopelessness can be valid. But, to turn things around we must realize that while life hits us with all its got, we are not victims. Keep moving, keep pushing towards tomorrow, even if you don't know what tomorrow holds. In reality, we live life moment by moment. Stay present, don't allow life to make you shut down and make you stop living your best life. Can you be down? Yes, but don't stay down, pick yourself up, get some friends that will help you up and support you in the tough times. Decide to face life head on and not hide your head in the sand.  Make the decision that you will live and not die. You will win! Get a determination and grit in you that you are a survivor and that what is happening now, will change, and you will be better not bitter. So  today decide to keep hope alive. And watch God meet you in this moment and give you exactly what you need.

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