Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Every Woman!

Today is International Women's Day. So, today allow yourself to embrace and celebrate your femininity. As women we are pros at multi-tasking. But I suggest we slow down today and look within and love on ourselves.We can get wrapped up in saving the world, our families, and our friends that we forget what self love and appreciation looks like. So, I suggest the following for tapping into your femininity and embracing all that you are, not just today but everyday:

First, take time every morning for prayer and meditation. This allows you to set your intentions for the day and to spend time in prayer for others. 

Second, find inspirational devotions, quotes, books that can motivate you to be all you can be. 

Third, take time to embrace who God made you. Look at your reflection in the mirror and learn to love what you see. Don't focus on what size you are, how big or small your eyes, lips, hips, or legs are. But, observe yourself in all of your beauty. Give thanks for who you are right now and start to look at what you or others might call flaws as uniqueness that sets you apart from everyone else. Ask God to allow you to see yourself as He sees you and love on yourself as the beautiful woman you are. 

Fourth, take the limits and labels off. Stop viewing who you are by society's standards, but by God's and yours. Stop allowing where you live, your profession, your sexuality, and your image to define who you are at the core. Realize and embrace that you can be who and what God says you can be. Take off all other labels except the one that was given to you when you entered into this earth. Woman. And ask God how do you want me to be in this skin of mine? Who am I and what did you call me to this earth to accomplish? How do you want me to express myself to the world? And then hear Him and then become who you are in the fullest expression. So put away the labels of Dr., Mrs., Ms., Minister, Author, Mother, etc...and be YOU with all your complexities and giftedness and walk in the infinite possibilities of who you can be and do!

And finally, learn the power and gift of your feminine energy. A lot of times as women we can operate in our masculine energy to excess that we forget what our feminine energy is. We are so busy doing and putting on all of our different hats fueled by masculine energy. We have to take the time to reconnect to our feminine energy. Allow yourself permission to be who God said you are. And allow the men in your life to be in their masculine energy. I'm noticing that many of us are living with the men around us in energy, and role reversal. And this has led to a lot of confusion, pain, frustration and anger. There are times when our expression will be the opposite energy, but we have to make sure that we are appropriately using our energy and role for each individual situation and circumstance. When we are relating to the men around us in our femininity and they in their masculinity we see how we compliment and need each other. This allow us to be partners and co-creators in life. And we see how the masculine and feminine flow brings synchronicity and harmony to our world.There will be no room for competition or comparison when we are living in this truth and flow. Now, what that looks like and how it is exhibited will be different for each individual. This is the wonderful gift of uniqueness and individuality that God gives us. Seek God and he will reveal to you what your femininity looks like. Realize that we have to stop allowing society, various groups/organizations, family, and friends to define this for us. This knowing and being comes only from constant communication and relationship with your creator, God. 

So, today on International Women's Day, realize that being a woman is a gift that should be embraced and cherished. It is about who you are at the core and allowing who that is to be expressed to this world. It is living out your purpose with passion and joy. It is tapping into all parts of yourself and knowing it's ok to be you. And most of all it is not about make-up, dresses, high heels, relationships, religion, children, or career. We are the sum of our beliefs, values, achievements, experiences, and thoughts. The key is knowing who you are and living out this truth everyday of your life. And seeing the inter-connectedness we have with every other woman on this earth. So, when we see other women we also see some part of ourselves. I'm every woman because I am connected to the giver of my womanhood and I express and live this everyday of my life with no regrets, explanations, or apologies. As we do this we are living testimonies of God's love, grace, and mercy and our lives become answered prayers to other women and men around us.