Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gotta Find Peace Of Mind

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

I Gotta find peace of mind is a mantra women proclaim. We are bombarded with the responsibilities of life. Our families, careers, clubs, school, friends, and religious services & commitments. We can feel like our lives are in over-drive and we can be moving on auto pilot day in and day out. The cry of our souls, bodies, and mind is I need peace! But, how can we slow down to acquire this peace we so desperately want and need?
First, we have to find the time and space to slow down- We have to schedule, set aside or just take the time to take a breather and be still. Maximum benefits occur when this is done daily. When we stop take that deep breath and allow ourselves to be in the moment, we feel the stress leaving our bodies and calmness entering in. This time can be as short or as long as you want it to be. 1 minute to 1 hour. During this time you don't go over your to do list or read that chapter in your homework, or write that chapter in your book, its time when you are at one with God and yourself. This time of stillness allows you to regroup, reenergize, and get revelation from God. But, for peace and order to reign in your life this time must be deliberately taken.
Second, we have to get to the core of the matter- Sometimes our feelings of uneasiness comes from emotional & spiritual weights. We can be feeling overwhelmed, depressed, fatigued, angry, and frustrated because there is a need for emotional and spiritual healing. When we don't have a source greater than ourselves to depend and believe in, life can get overwhelming and extremely hard for us. Allowing a personal relationship with God can help you put things into a new perspective and energy. It's not about going to a religious service and going through the motions. It's learning who God is to and for you. Reading the Word of God you will learn what God expects from you and what His promises and plans are for your life. This relationship will be the ONE relationship that will change every other relationship in your life. When you truly are at one with God, you learn how to live in harmony with others. Revenge, spite, rage, and manipulation are not your default mode of operation, but you learn the blessings of forgiveness, mercy, grace, and love. Conflict will come, but you will learn how to diffuse and deal with it quickly and effectively. I invite you to know God for yourself and live a life led by him. Once you have started working on your spiritual life, the next thing is to get to the core of your emotional life. Allow healing in the areas of betrayal, hurt, abuse, abandonment, and hate come to you. Some have had major trauma and abuse and need the assistance of a therapist, spiritual teacher, counselor, and medication. Getting assessed by a professional can be the first steps of letting peace into your life as you let go of past baggage that have left your emotions in chaos. With the help of a professional and the Holy Spirit, you will see moment by moment the peace you desire and need abiding within you.
And finally, get your house in order- Being busy with no real purpose can bring unfulfillment and frustration into your life. Your days can be filled with activities, social gatherings, work, school, and family but you still feel agitated and hollow. None of these "things" ease the cry of your soul. On the outside you are the life of the party or at least you're at every party, but you can be in the crowd and feel alone and lonely. This is a cry for order and purpose. In your time of stillness and prayer seek the will of God for your life. Take time at the end of every day to sit with your journal and recap your day. What worked, what didn't and what can you do tomorrow to make it better? During this time you can set your intentions for your life. Make goals, write out dreams, allow business plans and ministry ideas to come to you and record them. This nightly download can become treasured time of intimacy with yourself and God. Time when you get your next steps. Play some soft music, have a cup of your favorite hot drink and get your house in order. What you will find is renewed excitement within you. You will learn what you REALLY want, and not what others expect from you. You will learn the blessing and bliss of precious time spent by yourself. This is a priceless gift that will not only allow peace to come to you, but joy, freedom, purpose, and understanding.

Do you gotta have peace of mind? Then do what it takes to get what your soul, body, and mind are longing for. When peace resides within you, life becomes a richer work of art. Everything around you will be brighter and the colors of life will explode around you instead of the drab, blurry vision of a chaotic life. In peace truth becomes illuminated, love is felt deeper, joy is your foundation, hope is your mantra, and faith is your life preserver. PEACE BE STILL!