Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Do I Have To Tolerate You?

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

In today's society "tolerance" is the buzz word for what we all should be doing with one another. But, I think this is a word that should be changed. In the dictionary tolerance is defined as enduring adverse conditions, forbearing. This has a negative tone as if what you are doing is painfully putting up with someone or something. How can true authentic love flow from a place that we are enduring? We need to check ourselves, our beliefs,  and our thoughts of others. I would rather love, heal, bless, and pray for people and situations than tolerate them. This shift in perception takes judgment out of the equation and leaves it to the one true Judge (God). The tolerant mindset has us saying what is "politically correct" but not our truth. It has us putting on our public face while we go home with our private disdain. There is a more excellent way...We are called to love one another and this love will show people that we are followers of God. Does love mean agreement or acceptance of things that are not in alignment with our moral values? No, it means loving people with an Agape love which is the greatest of all love. It is being able to make informed choices about what/ and who you allow in your space. It is realizing that no one is perfect and we are all in process. It's opening yourself up to see things differently while standing firm on what's true and divine, even if we don't condone their choices or behavior. This allows us the freedom to engage in dialog, pray, and teach them as we ourselves are open to the same process. This process allows miracles to occur, because the one we tolerate, may be the one sent to be a blessing to us. Will this new insight change anything? I think so,  we would have a world with less hate crimes, prejudices, murders, betrayals, abuse, and pain. Because we would all be love ambassadors to the world showing them the beauty of self-acceptance and high esteem! This love will take the focus off of the acts of people, but the core issues that are causing them to act out, and create the chaos in their lives and the lives of others. So, next time you hear yourself saying, "I can't stand them" or "why are they so stupid?" or "they should be hung for what they have done." Remember there was one that was sent that paid the price for all of our mistakes and wrong-doing, Jesus. So, show some grace and mercy, have proper boundaries with people, and send the light of his love to all those that you want to "tolerate".