Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Sister, Myself - I Need You To Survive!

Society has us living our lives with an unhealthy focus on self. But to be Godly empowered women, we must allow our focus outward as well. There is a time for self- reflection, healing, and revelation, but we must also think about others and how our lifestyle, choices, and attitude affects those around us. Especially our sisters. When we shift our perception toward our sisters, we realize that what we are currently going through and have been through in our past  is not so terrible.  We see there is hope for change, healing, and redemption. When we observe our sisters and then reach out to them, we learn love, compassion, and the beauty of the "woman bond". When we come together and can laugh, cry, uplift, and encourage each other, all of our lives are better. There is a knowing that is within that spirit place, which let's us know that they see and understand. In this place of sisterhood, there is strength, wisdom, testimonies, and revelation for what we need to make our lives work. When we deny this sacred place among ourselves, we deny a part of who we are. So, the next time you find yourself saying, "I don't like women", or "I don't trust women" realize what you're really saying is "I don't like myself" and "I don't trust myself". That's when you go inward for the healing you need from any hurt, betrayal, and offenses that you have encounter at the hands of another woman. But, there comes the time when we must reach out again, love again, and trust again because we are apart of each other and we need one another to survive. My sister, I Need You To Survive!