Monday, July 22, 2013

How You Doing?

Today one of the major issues with women is competition. We are determining our self-worth and abilities by comparing ourselves with other women. We have found ourselves wanting to know what, when, how, and how much with the women we come in contact with. This behavior has left many frustrated, confused, angry, and off course. This comparison has also led to businesses folding, marriages ending, and relationships dissolving. And it's time for it to stop. As women we should embrace the sisterhood of our interconnectedness and not the differences that make us unique. The ways that we can combat this toxic behavior is by the following:
First, know who you are When you know who you are there is no need for comparison. You become comfortable in your own skin and celebrate your gifts, talents, and uniqueness as given by God. Secondly, you have to know what you want. Knowing what you need to make your life prosperous and successful is key. Many times our confusion, frustration, and comparison comes from not knowing what we want out of life so we focus on what other's are doing and judge ourselves based on their successes and failures. Finding out what we want takes time, prayer, meditation and the Word of God. We have to search the scriptures and ourselves to get to the key of what really matters and what's next for our lives. Adding prayer, meditation, and fasting help to unlock these treasures in their hidden places. And lastly, we have to learn to celebrate and encourage other women. Learning to sincerely encourage and congratulate other women as they accomplish great things will lead to harmonious relationships. The envious, jealous behavior brings toxicity and hurt along with it and makes everyone miserable. When you find something nice to say with joy it will enable you to be at peace and to enjoy the benefits of their cup running over. But, when you use your mouth to discourage, dismantle, and destroy others it will come back to you. Reaping and sowing are real and sometimes we forget this when we're dealing with others. 

So, the next time you ask your sister how's she doing? really listen and engage with her to find out the truth. The same grace, mercy, and love you give to others will come back to you in many areas of your life. Allow yourself to used as an instrument of blessings and not curses. Remember the only competition you have is yourself! Peace and Blessings- ULM

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  1. This is a key issue competition keeps us looking at others and not focusssing on our own issues and deliverance. In competitionwe become a perpetual slaves of the keeping up with the Joneses syndrome. Thanks for this positive reminder to sisters and brothers. We are in competition with no one but ourselves to live best life now.