Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who You Calling a B...?

Some women have allowed others to label and address them in ways that are not positive. We have used these terms among our girlfriends, family, friends, and in our relationships. But are these labels who we really are? I remember when I was younger my girlfriends and I addressed each other as the B word, until one day I realized, is this an affectionate term? Do they really mean this when they say it? and most of all is this who I am? I came to the conclusion that was not who I was nor what I wanted to be called. From that point on I let them know I would not be calling them by that word and I did not want them calling me it either. And they complied. There needs to be a self-reflection of how we see ourselves and then how we want others to see us. We don't need to tattoo it, say it, or make fun of it. We just need to stand in our integrity and be who we are and inform others to address us in the same manner. There's a time when we must put away childish things and walk in maturity of self and others. So next time someone calls you something other than the name on your birth certificate, stop and think, is this who I am today in this moment and is this who I want to be known and addressed by. If not, then find your voice and courage and be who God says you are- You are beautifully and wonderfully made, you are the head and not the tail, you are above only and not beneath, you are loved!

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